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Attendance at ECHS is based upon work completion. This is very different from attendance in a seat-based classroom where attendance is based upon being present in class.

Students are considered truant if:

  • Appointment with teacher is missed
  • All assigned coursework is not completed by due date
  • Tests are not passed with a minimum of 70%
  • Minimum requirements are not met

 Truancy letters are generated by any of the following:

  • Missing classroom appointment
  • Assigned work is not completed or is incomplete
  • Failure to pass tests with a 70% or higher
  • Missing assignment or course deadlines
  • Minimum requirements not met

Two or more truancy letters may result in placement back to student's boundary school.

Work (student) is not an accepted reason to miss your appointment or to fall behind on coursework. School needs to be the top priority. 
If you need a work permit (required for minors to hold a job) see Tera in the office. 

Transportation issues are not an accepted reason for missing an appointment with the teacher. Please have a plan for alternative ways to get to school such as the city bus.

Parents, please call the teacher before your student’s scheduled appointment time if your student is ill or a family emergency will keep him/her from keeping the appointment. The teacher will schedule an alternative time to meet. This should be rare.  

Please let the office and your teacher know if you are having difficulties of any kind.  We want to help!