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VC Course Registration

A key part of being an El Camino student is taking at least one Ventura College class every semester. Follow the enrollment steps below.
VC Reg

VC Dual Enrollment Webpage

Step 1: Apply for Admission to VC and Create VC Portal Account (this step only needs to be completed for new students) 

Create a California Community College account and apply to Ventura College, indicating the appropriate semester of attendance. Be sure to use the student's personal email when registering, as VUSD student emails block all outside emails.
In 24-48 hours, look for a VC Welcome email to set up the “myVCCCD portal.” The link provided will expire in 10 days, so set up your account as soon as possible.  

Step 2: Select Courses and Complete Dual Enrollment Form 

Once student’s set up their myVCCCD portal, they can make an appointment with their El Camino counselor for guidance on course recommendations. Use the links below:
During the counselor session, students will complete the Dual Enrollment e-form(Video DE e-form guide)


Step 3: Register for Classes 

Students will receive approval to register via their  myVCCCD email within 24 hours of submitting their Dual Enrollment form. Once they are granted approval, students will register for classes through their VC Portal. Here is a How to Register Video.

Step 4: Schedule Bill 

Confirm registration by looking on the schedule bill located in the MV Portal. The next steps video explains how to access the Student Schedule Bill, VC parking pass, etc.
Registration will be complete when students have submitted their schedule bills to the ECHS office and have paid VC registration fees.
Note: VC account-related questions should be submitted to the VC Dual Enrollment Specialist at