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Who is an EL CAMINO Leader? 

An individual who is characterized by building unity and treating others with  respect, who takes the initiative to create, with enthusiasm and commitment,  displaying a strong work ethic, with the goal of appreciating others and building  relationships with people. 

Our Mission: 

We RISE UP to create meaningful stories for all El Camino Students! 

Respect others & our diversity 

Include others 

Serve others 

Empower & Inspire others 


Unity & 



We define stories as special memories or significant moments that are shared  with friends, family and future generations. 

Our Vision: 

As student leaders, we STAND for something greater than ourselves, we realize 

that leadership STARTS with us, but it’s not about us, that it’s our responsibility  to create school SPIRIT, that we get to SERVE our campus and community, and  we look for ways to SHINE the spotlight on others. 

Leadership STARTS with us, but it’s not about us!