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Why ECHS at VC?

Academic Credit Opportunities for El Camino Students

El Camino Course Offering
  • Book-based and computer-based options
  • College Prep Classes
  • Select Honors and Advanced Placement Courses 
Ventura College Classes (Early College Academy)
  • Build high school and college transcripts.
  • College courses come back to high school transcript at an accelerated rate.
  • Select college classes can be used to fulfill high school graduation and/or A-G requirements.
  • El Camino students enroll for classes before students from all other high schools.
  • El Camino students do not pay college tuition. They do pay student fees (currently maximum of $32 each semester) and for books.
  • Students may work toward AA, completion of general studies requirements, completion of transfer requirements, while in high school.
Community Service
  • Students are involved in Community Service Opportunities all over the county and earn credit for their hours.
Student Leadership
  • Get involved in student government through ECHS’ Student Leadership course. Earn elective credit and provide service to your school and community
Independent Study PE
  • Utilize community-based opportunities to earn PE credit. Must be pre approved.
  • Organizations must meet criteria and provide mandatory documentation. • Any cost is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • Students have the option of taking PE at Ventura College if PE credit is needed.
Multi-site at VUSD Comprehensive High School
  • Foreign Language, Drama, Music, etc. Requires permission of both ECHS and boundary school.

  • Sports (must be at boundary school in the student's home district and may be used for PE credit). Requires permission of both ECHS and boundary school.

Internships/Directed Studies
  • Provides opportunities for students to participate in special projects or experiences such as an internship at CAPS TV, or in the pre-engineering program at the Navy base.